Diagnostic Studies

Ensuring an accurate diagnosis is the key to successful treatment. The first step in making this diagnosis is a comprehensive medical evaluation. Following the initial medical evaluation, diagnostic testing is usually necessary to completely identify the reasons for your spine complaint. All of the diagnostic services you may need are available on our campus.

Diagnostic studies will always include a comprehensive medical evaluation by one of our physicians. In addition, various diagnostic tests or evaluations may be recommended.

Medical Work-ups

We may order any of the following medical work-ups in order to assist us in diagnosing your condition:

CT scan
PET scan
Electrodiagnistic evaluation (EMG)
Diagnostic blocks 

Functional Evaluations

If the disorder is interfering with your ability to maintain normal daily activities, a functional evaluation may be ordered. This evaluation may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and pyschologists. Information  from the assessments will our team in knowing how to best help you fully recover.