Inpatient Rehabilitation Most Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Will my insurance cover rehabilitation at Loma Linda University Medical Center?
A: Loma Linda University Medical Center's Rehabilitation Institute is contracted with most major health care plans. To determine if your health care plan provides rehabilitation benefits, you would need to contact your benefits manager and your medical group. If you are currently in the hospital, your case manager may be able to help you. Loma Linda University Medical Center accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, California Children's Services, and is contracted with most major insurance providers.

Q: What is the estimated length of stay for each of your rehabilitation programs?
A: Each program varies. Length of stay is based upon the severity of the patient's injury or illness, his/her age, and the patient's previous state of health. Once the patient is in the rehabilitation program and has been evaluated by the team, an estimated length of stay will be provided to the patient and family. How well the patient progresses towards accomplishing his/her rehabilitation goals will impact the length of stay. The acute rehabilitation stay focuses on progressing the patient to the point of returning home and continuing with rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.

Q: What type of training is provided to assist me in caring for my family member?
A: Families are encouraged to be very involved in the rehabilitation training process. Family training sessions are set up by our program coordinator and clinical team. In those training sessions, the emphasis is on teaching the family member or caregiver how to assist the patient at home. The team members provide the "hands-on training" families need to be comfortable in providing for the patient's needs at home. The family also learns how to let the patient do what they can for themselves. The Rehabilitation Institute has an extensive video tape and book library available for family and patient education.