Traumatic Brain Injury Program

The Traumatic Brain Injury Program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive clinical program that will challenge you in your rehabilitation goal -- to be independent in your community, work environment and home. The Traumatic Brain Injury Program consists of the blending of intensive one-on-one sessions with your therapists and the utilization of group therapy sessions. Your therapists and physician will guide you in developing your TBI Program Plan.

Who will benefit?

Persons with complex neurophysical rehabilitative needs such as those acquired from a traumatic brain injury would benefit from this program.

Program Benefits

Interdisciplinary team: Our clinical treatment team includes physiatry (rehabilitation medicine), occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, neuropsychology, social services, nutritional services and comprehensive case management services. Consultation with medical management is available and coordinated as an integrated program.

Other Available Services

  • Pre-vocational/work re-entry focused program
  • Pre-driving screening and driving evaluation
  • Sports and recreation program
  • Rehabilitation engineering
  • Dysphagia treatment and feeding support
  • Socialization and community re-integration
  • Community outings
  • Family and patient support groups
  • Family and patient education
  • Provision of lunch and snacks
  • Rest period as needed
  • Case manager coordination of program
  • Aquatics program
  • Coordination of program with available community resources

General Admission Criteria

1. Transfers - ability to transfer independently or with the assistance of one person. If you require two people to assist in transfers, you may bring a family member.

2. Wheel Chair Skills - ability to self propel wheelchair or have a family member assist you.

3. Medication Management - self medication program

4. Ability to tolerate a minimum of 4-to-5 hours of therapy per day

5. Transportation - ability to provide own transportation

6. Age 5 and older

Head Injury Additional Criteria

1. Rancho Level of 5-to-7

2. Behavioral management - we will assess on an individual basis

Spinal Cord Injury Additional Criteria

1. Medically stable bowel and bladder

2. Ability to manage bowel and bladder independently or include a family member or attendant if more assistance is required.

3. Ventilators - ability to self manage or have a family member or attendant present.

Referral Process

To seek more information or to initiate an evaluation or referral, please contact the program coordinator at 909-558-6144.

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